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    New Luxury Vehicles In Stock | Cleveland Motorsports

    Our dealership has recently procured a number of new model luxury cars available to the public for the first time. With our ever-changing inventory, you will never know what new models and colors will catch your eye. This year’s models contain features that were mere dreams in the past years. Now this futuristic technology can be at your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy all the vigor and speed associated with high-end transportation.

    The constantly changing dynamic in new car designs keep each of our vehicles unique and stylish. Their rugged system, coupled with a sleek appearance makes for a one-of-a-kind driving experience most never have the chance to enjoy. As Edmunds states: the famous Janis Joplin song mentions this type of vehicle in one of her most renowned songs, these classic automobiles are a symbol of desire and prestige.

    New Aston Martin Models

    The legend of the Aston Martin is widely known to James Bond fans worldwide, however, its decadent beauty and stable operating experience is a principle for many drivers with refined taste and a sense of fashion. Even without the fancy gadgets of the character of ‘Q’ this brand is among the finest in the world of luxury vehicles – storied and artistic.

    New inventory within the Aston Martin family of vehicles includes the sporty Vantage, the iconic DB9 CT and DB11, the luxurious four-door Rapide S as well as the crème-de-la-crème Vanquish – the ultimate in British driving experience. Car and Driver referred to the Vanquish as the “grandest of grand.” It “takes things a step further,” CEO Andy Palmer adds “confidently asserting itself within the Aston Martin range and distinguishing itself from the new DB11.”

    New Rolls-Royce Models

    While models may be updated from time-to-time, Rolls-Royce continues its pursuit of classic beauty with elegant perfection. Always a staple among automobile aficionados, this lavish vehicle is uniquely suited to those with the desire to have the best in life. The remarkable power juxtaposed with an unequaled panache has left Rolls-Royce drivers in sheer ecstasy.

    Since the very first model of the Rolls-Royce, the Silver Ghost, was introduced in 1906, and the company became known for being among “the best cars in the world” according to Edmunds. Today, buyers have never had such a diverse and eclectic selection of Rolls-Royce vehicles at their fingertips. Among them are the seductive Dawn, the stylish yet powerful Wraith, and the standard-bearer Ghost. Those, however, in the market for the ultimate in Rolls-Royce experience should take a strong look at the modern interpretation of the prototype Phantom. The most recent model features all the amenities one comes to expect from the brand with the modern sensibilities of safety and sleekness.

    New Maserati Models

    Since 1941, the Maserati has signified the pursuit of glamour and sportsmanship. Its singular image personifies the success and personality of its driver. The heritage of this glorious experience hearkens back to a heyday when individuals operating a Maserati were movers and shakers; today they are a signature of standing and adventure.

    The company’s recent line includes the Ghibli, a cost-effective luxury vehicle. Maserati also offers a sporty yet complex SUV model called the Levante, perfect for those seeking more interior room but still the quality of the brand. Touring drivers looking for the freedom of sheer speed look no further than the Gran Turismo, available as a hardtop or convertible. This being said, MotorTrend has named the new Quattroporte GTS “top of the line.” A futuristic super-speedster with key safety features and terrific handling, the Quattroporte is the ultimate car with the Maserati name.

    Visit Today and Take a Test Drive

    Each of these brands balance artistic flair and glorious strength, infused with the grandness of endurance. Be sure to come into our showroom and peruse magnificence unlike any other by test driving a classic yet modern symbol of freedom.

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