Auto Spa

Auto Spa


After ten years of Rafih Auto Group raising the bar on automotive service in our community, we’re delighted to improve it yet again.

Introducing: our brand-new Auto Spa, a program that gives you 52 car washes a year for your purchased vehicle.

These aren’t simple wipe-down car washes. These are thorough, detailed, and comprehensive washes involving body, windows, and tires. We’ll also vacuum your interior and wipe down your dashboard at your request.

Your Auto Spa membership is only $395/year, or just $7.60 per car wash. Each member will also receive a free yearly exterior/interior detailing ($120 value), and the first 2000 participants will get a complimentary car care kit ($55 value). And yes, those vehicles in for service will continue to get the Auto Spa treatment — free of charge.

Most car wash companies charge a minimum of $9-10 each for a basic wash and rinse, but with Rafih Auto Group Auto Spa, you get much more for much less.


  • 52 car washes a year
  • Wash includes body, windows and tires
  • Interior vacuum and dashboard wipe-down
  • Yearly exterior/interior detailing ($120 value)
  • Car Care Kit ($55 value)

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