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At Cleveland Motorsports, we offer competitive financing rates and terms on our great selection of new and used trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Our finance experts are here to guide you through the financing process and help you get into your new vehicle. Contact Cleveland Motorsports’s finance team today or if you’re ready to start the financing process, you can fill out our secure finance application online.

Luxury Auto Loans

Welcome to the financing assistance page of your favorite North Olmsted luxury auto dealer. We are pleased to announce that there is almost nothing standing in the way of anyone owning one of our luxury vehicles. Whether you have good or bad credit, we are dedicated to getting you into the car of your dreams and will do what we can to assist you in this endeavor. There is a network of lenders who are willing to help you finance the car you desire no matter what credit problems you may have had in the past. Although we are unable to guarantee approval, some lenders are willing to look more in depth at your current income and financial obligations to approve auto loans.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

Financing a late-model vehicle is a great opportunity to demonstrate your current creditworthiness and to start with a clean slate. It is rare for a bank to approve a home mortgage loan without a history demonstrating your ability to finance an automobile. If you would like to eventually live in a nice quiet place of your own instead of leasing apartments, it makes sense to start working at your credit again. When you purchase a late-model vehicle, you benefit from improved fuel economy, reliability, and safety features. It is an opportunity for you to extend the life of the vehicle for decades by carrying out preventive maintenance. Modern lubricants will extend the life of any engine to the 200,000-mile mark.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

Because some automotive financing companies specialize in bad credit loans, there is no reason to believe that credit score alone will preclude you from acceptance. The bigger picture is a snapshot of your current income and financial obligations. The banks always have the option of repossessing autos when a high-risk debtor lapses on payments. We know that lots of hard-working people are hit with negative credit ratings solely by saint of circumstance. Maybe they lost their job for a while after the recession. Some lenders have the common sense to analyze each applicant on a case by case basis to obtain a better understanding of their financial flexibility and liquidity.

In reality, what is going on is that these high-risk auto loan lenders are better skilled at obtaining financial backing for their portfolios. Interest rates may be less competitive because a smaller number of banks specialize in high-risk loans. That is about the only drawback for many applicants. They can get the car loan if it appears to fit in their current budget but may have to pay a higher interest rate. The benefit is that their long-term credit rating improves and they save money on interest when they make other purchases down the line. The littlest things like late payments on utility bills and overutilization of a credit line that is too small for your true financial flexibility can do the most short-term damage to your score.

The statistics show that only 10% of Americans have a $1,000 or more in their bank accounts to access for a rainy day. If you have an average credit score, this means that you are probably like 90% of Americans and pay your obligations on time but are not great at saving. We don’t think you should be penalized and will do everything possible to help you obtain financing. Apply now or contact us with any questions or concerns.